Michigan Medicare Director Discusses current situation with implementing the PPACA (Health Care Reform)

Posted on 6, Jun | Posted by gabrielle

Health Care Reform could have the state of Michigan scrambling to meet implementation deadlines if the Supreme Court upholds the various provisions of the Health Care Reform Law. Here what Michigan’s Medicare Director has to say about the issues:

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Dental Insurance for people on Medicare

Posted on 19, Apr | Posted by gabrielle

What’s the concern?? Medicare doesn’t cover dental maintenance or repair.

What’s the solution?? Affordable senior dental coverage.

Senior citizens all across the U.S. are seeking coverage to aid in reducing their dental expenditures. Currently, minimal government assistance is available for seniors who need dental insurance. The majority of Medicare and Medicaid programs do not include dentistry. Even those programs that do include coverage for seniors only contain provisions for extractions of teeth, and exclude the majority of the common oral procedures often required for older patients. Practically no help is available for obtaining primary tooth repair or for having missing teeth replaced. Usually Medicare and Medicaid supply virtually no aid for just about any type of oral care. (more…)

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