Obamacare: Practical Matters and the 5 Paths to Coverage

Posted on 24, Oct | Posted by gabrielle

As we enter into November of 2013 confusion about the Affordable Care Act prevails, but that’s not surprising, as there are a ton of new things to learn in order to understand how to make good decisions regarding health insurance coverage that’s right for you.

Public Law 111–148 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed into law on March 23, 2010 Since that date, there have been changes each year in health insurance, health care delivery and tax requirements. It is these three areas where most people have questions. Everyone is asking the right questions, though it’s not always easy to get answers. This article will explore some of those questions and provide practical answers.


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Michigan Medicare Director Discusses current situation with implementing the PPACA (Health Care Reform)

Posted on 6, Jun | Posted by gabrielle

Health Care Reform could have the state of Michigan scrambling to meet implementation deadlines if the Supreme Court upholds the various provisions of the Health Care Reform Law. Here what Michigan’s Medicare Director has to say about the issues:

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