Regardless of Supreme Court ruling, some US Health Insurers to Keep some provision of Health Reform

Posted on 12, Jun | Posted by gabrielle

Today in BenefitsPro’s daily newsbrief we received an article by Tom Murphy. He reports that Top US Health Insurers are saying they will keep some of the already active pieces of Health Care Reform (PPACA) in place regardless of the Supreme Court Decision here in late June. Reasons cited are that the American People like these provisions and that several of them just make sense for the health and welfare of the nation. Please read the full article in the link below. Call Gabrielle at Innovative Solutions Agency, Inc to review your Employer/Employee Group plan in light of Health Care Reform and possible upcoming changes.


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Michigan Medicare Director Discusses current situation with implementing the PPACA (Health Care Reform)

Posted on 6, Jun | Posted by gabrielle

Health Care Reform could have the state of Michigan scrambling to meet implementation deadlines if the Supreme Court upholds the various provisions of the Health Care Reform Law. Here what Michigan’s Medicare Director has to say about the issues:

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